Help with your purchase

The products in the online store are divided into several categories. After clicking on the specific category, it shows its subcategories. 
After clicking the category/subcategory, you will see the products display in the middle of the screen. In addition to the picture of the product, there will be its price and title. If there are more products available than places on display, you will see the numbers of the pages in the right corner. You can click the number of the page to see more products. 
If you click on the picture or the product's title, you get the enlarged image and a full description. There you have an option to put the product in your online shopping cart. You can do that by clicking "Add to Cart." 

Shopping cart

The online shop gives you the informative price in the temporary shopping cart. 
"Temporary shopping cart" gives you the option of adding new items to the cart. If you leave the online store, the cart will automatically empty its content, and the purchase will be dismissed. 
 "Permanent shopping cart" is for registered buyers and it does not empty if you leave the site unless you empty it or buy it. 
The items and the price of the shopping cart can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen in the column "Shopping Cart." The information about it is seen when you click on it. You can remove all or certain items by clicking "trash" in front of the article in the column "Remove" and clicking "Refresh." You can change the number of your items in the quantity box. 

Item search

If you already know what you are searching for just write the name of the product in the search bar and click "Search."


You do not have to be registered to buy the products, but you can optionally register as a buyer. if you do not have a username and password, you can register anytime at the register in the right upper corner "My account" and click "Register". 
When you chose the products you want to buy, you click "Checkout". You have to choose billing details, delivery details, delivery method and payment method. After you have completed everything, an email will be sent to your provided e-mail address. You can monitor the status and updates of your order. 


All of your orders and data is saved in our computer system, which is secured. All clients can see the past orders in "My Account".


If you have any doubts or questions we will be happy to answer them. You can contact us by dialing the free number "080 88 72" or by sending us an email: