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Walimex pro Audioadapter 101

Product information "Walimex pro Audioadapter 101"

  • passive 2 channel XLR adapter for camcorders and DSLRs
  • for connecting audio devices to a camera
  • Attachment of the audio adapter to the camera via a 1/4 inch thread

The walimex pro audio adapter is a passive 2 channel XLR adapter for camcorders and DSLR cameras via an integrated microphone socket. It offers the possibility of connecting a wide range of audio devices, such as XLR, wireless microphones, external audio mixers or pre-amplifiers, via the adapter to the camera. The audio adapter can be attached simply from below via a 1/4 inch thread to the camera.

dual trim controller: Using the dual trim controller, you can correct and adjust the recording level.
Mono/stereo switch: Select output mode. The mono mode is to be selected for a mono microphone. Mono audio signals can be switched to any channel and output stereo audio signal.
The stereo mode is for two channel recordings, and offers two separate audio channels.
LINE/mic. Switch: Mic level is for microphone or radio systems. The LINE level is for audio devices with a LINE output. The signal is reduced to 40dB.
GND1/GND2 ground switch: Removes interference such as humming and hissing. GND1: Separates the output signal from the input signal and prevents the input signal interfering with the output signal. GND2: Switches the output signal to the input signal.

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