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Walimex pro Newcomer Set Starter M 300 1DS1RS+

Product information "Walimex pro Newcomer Set Starter M 300 1DS1RS+"

  • Set incl. Newcomer 300 studio flash
  • Incl. WT-806 Lamp tripod
  • One Umbrella Soft Light Box for a soft illumination 
  • One additional Reflex Umbrella for a versatile use
  • One gold/silver- reflex umbrella for effect or brightening light

The walimex pro Newcomer Set Starter M 300 1DS1RS + is your entry into the exciting world of portrait and simple product photography. Flexible, compact and user-friendly.

walimex pro Newcomer 300 - Intuitive to operate and compact
The studio flash from the new Newcomer series by walimex pro is an extremely compact, handy studio flash with an in-built 2.4 GHz radio frequency that is particularly easy to use. The operating panel and the digital display are very clear and show the current settings. The flash functions are, therefore, self explanatory. This means the Newcomer series is particularly suited to ambitious beginners; but professionals will be impressed with it, too. The flash output can be set infinitely from 1/1 to 1/32. The modelling light with 75 W will help you setting up your lighting. The flash can be triggered either via a synch cord or the build-in photo cell (incl. pre-flash detection modes). Both the photo cell and the acoustic signal can, of course, be deactivated. The plug-in flash tubes may, if necessary, be changed by the user. The studio flash light has a radio receiver, and a practical bayonet connector that enables lighting controls to be changed easily and quickly. A wide range of accessories is available for the walimex pro Newcomer studio flash series. There will be no bounds to your creativity.

walimex pro WT-806 Lamp Stand 256cm
The walimex pro WT-806 Lamp Stand 256cm is a high-quality solution for studio photographers. The excellently processed stand can be used portably and flexibly with a net weight of approx. 2165g and a transport size of approx. 109cm. You can use studio flashguns and reflectors up to a weight of 6kg on this stand. The spring suspension provides the necessary reliability when lowering the individual stand elements. With the standard spigot connection 5/8 inch and 1/4 inch thread the studio stand is suitable for all common studio flashguns and lights.

walimex Umbrella Softbox Translucent, 72cm
The umbrella softbox is ideal for portrait shots and small group shots. In product photography it is very popular as well. The white reflex layer ensures soft lighting and a high reflection capacity.
Due to the drawstring and zipper, you can fit the softbox exactly to the studio flash, which prevents a loss of light. That way the softbox is compatible with all commercially available studio flashes.
The workmanship of the umbrella is extremely high quality and it impresses with its classy look. Both the tip and the frame are made from metal which ensures higher stability and a longer lifetime. The metal shaft end is reinforced so it can be inserted into the reflector holder on the flash device more easily.

walimex Reflex Umbrella silver, 84cm
You obtain clear illumination with strong contrasts and brilliant colours with this reflector umbrella, which is silver-coated on the inside. It is particularly suitable for product photography or to accentuate moods in portrait photography. The flexible alternatives for use and storage make it an ideal companion "on location". The translucent light umbrella is simply attached to the umbrella bracket of your studio flashgun.

walimex Foldable Reflector golden/silver, Ø56cm
The reflector with a golden coating is very well-suited for portrait photography or as effect or high light. Due to its color it creates a warm light characteristic and a romantic mood. Photographers can hardly imagine portrait and product photography without the silver reflector. It creates an incomparably hard and cool light characteristic. The foldable reflector is excellent quality. Its canvassed, extra-strong spring ring guarantees smooth and wrinkle-free reflection surfaces. Used as a background, the time spent on post-production is therefore reduced. The fabric carrying bag protects the reflector from dirt. The reflector can be folded to a very small transport size and can therefore be taken anywhere.

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